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CANNONAU: the Secret of Long Life in Sardinia

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CARNIVAL IN SARDINIA - Jenuary February 2015
Posted January 18, 2015

Carnival in Sardinia is one of the most amazing events in the island. From the North to the South is a triumph of festivals, funny or horrific masks, old traditions and mysterious rytuals. It seems that the origins of Sardinian Carnival dates back thousands of years from pagan spring and fertility rites. 

In Sardinia there are many "Carnivals" because each town and village has its rituals, events, parades and parties. Nuoro and Oristano host the most famous ones , drawing thousands of tourists and revelers every year.
The Carnival starts almost everywhere in Sardinia the day of Sant’Antonio ( January 15/17) 

Food and wine are an important part of the celebrations of the Sardinian Carnival.




AUTUNNO IN BARBAGIA - September-December 2014
Posted August 28, 2014


Autunno in Barbagia is a promotional window to showcase Sardinia hinterland, careful keeper of the knowledge and tastes of undisputed value, aiming to promote the excellent products and tangible and intangible traditions, of the people living there. In this window become an opportunity for experiential buying: seeing how cheese is produced, tasting it and then buying it. It's something everyone really likes. 




Posted May 13, 2014


Are you wandering about things to do in Porto Cervo Sardinia? Come with us for a fantastic funny wine tour. We run wine tours in Porto Cervo and Costa Smeralda all year-round. And, if you are in Sardinia in the month of May, don't miss the Porto Cervo Wine Festival.

Porto Cervo Wine Festival is an important rendezvous for a limited number of Sardinian and Italian wine producers, enthusiasts, consumers and wine lovers of the Costa Smeralda as well as operators from the HoReCa channel from all over Sardinia and selected international buyers.The event, organised by the Hotels Cala di Volpe, Cervo, Pitrizza and Romazzino, is one of a kind: hosted in an international setting of incredible beauty, it offers a chance to visit the Costa Smeralda at the beginning of  the season to experience an unprecedented atmosphere of peace and relaxation, combined with the glamour that for more than 50 years has characterized this Mediterranean destination.

From the 16th to the 18th of May the Cervo Conference Center, at the heart of Porto Cervo, will play host to tastings, meetings, book presentations and many other collateral events that will animate the 6th edition of this unique event. Discover the full program of events.

CANTINE APERTE 2014 - May 25, 2014
Posted May 10, 2014

Sabato 24 e domenica 25 maggio 2014, in tutta Italia e nelle cantine socie del Movimento Turismo del Vino, torna Cantine Aperte, l’iniziativa firmata MTV che nell’immaginario collettivo rappresenta la giornata per eccellenza dedicata alla conoscenza del vino direttamente nei suoi luoghi di produzione.
Un’occasione unica per degustare le etichette delle aziende che aprono le loro porte, favorendo un contatto diretto con gli appassionati di vino.

Cantine Aperte è diventato nel tempo una filosofia, uno stile di viaggio e di scoperta dei territori del vino italiano, che vede, di anno in anno, sempre più turisti, curiosi ed enoappassionati avvicinarsi alle cantine, desiderosi di fare un’esperienza diversa dal comune. Oltre alla possibilità di assaggiare i vini e di acquistarli direttamente in azienda, è possibile entrare nelle cantine per scoprire i segreti della vinificazione e dell’affinamento.

Wine Day Cagliari - June 7, 2014.

Posted May 16 2014


One of the biggest events in Sardinia dedicatet to experts and wine lovers. 

More than 50 producers from Sardinia, from the mainland and from France.

In the morning and afternoon tastings for .......... and in the evening open doors for all the wine lovers of the city. This year Wine Day will be held in the historical Villa Ballero.

More info: 



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