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Carnival - February 2015

Carnival in Sardinia is one of the most amazing events in the island. From the North to the South is a triumph of festivals, horrific masks, old traditions and mysterious rituals.

Food and wine are an important part of the celebrations.

Posted Jenuary 18, 2014

Autunno in Barbagia from Sept.  to Dec. 2014

Autunno in Barbagia is an event that involves all the villages of this historical region of Sardinia: every weekend, you can see all the best of sardinian arts and crafts and you can taste all the best wines and food. 

Every weekend in a different village.
Posted August 28, 2014



My name is Anna Maria, I'm native from Sardinia and, when I was young, I hated wine! But I worked hard in my father's small vineyard. I studied languages at the University of Cagliari so that I travelled and lived in many different countries. After University, I moved to Paris but I quickly realized that I wanted to live in my own land.

When I was living in France, I started to appreciate wine, that's why in 2007, I graduated in a Master of Wine and Food Marketing and Communication  and after a very great experience as intern in the famous Sicilian winery Duca di Salaparuta, Vini Corvo, Florio, I moved back to Sardinia.

For five years, I worked for the very innovative winery Vigne Surrau, where I contributed to launch the wine tourism in Sardinia. This was a fantastic experience where I had the chance to travel around the world and build an important experience in wine business.

After thousands of wine tastings and hundreds of events, I felt I wanted to change and I needed a new challenge so I decided to work on my own.

After an inspiring visit to Napa Valley and Tuscany, I became a licenced tour guide and started-up Sardegna Bella e Buona, the first and unique tour guide specialized in wine and food tours in Sardinia, but with a special eye for culture and  traditions that make our terroir so unique!

I'm a second level sommelier with a deep knowledge of Sardinian wines and producers and now, I'm so glad to guide you at the discovery of the secrets of my land, surprisingly modern but with an ancient soul.

Into the true hearth of the island.


Sardegna Bella e Buona is the first tour guide in Sardinia specialized in wine & food tours that will drive you at the discovery of the taste and beauty of the island, with enthousiasm and knowledge, through daily excursions and gastronomic tours, visit at wineries, wine & food tastings and courses. 

We never forget that wine and food are two expressions of the culture of a place and are influenced by people, history, weather, nature: in one word, the terroir that gives the peculiar characteristics of each product. That's why we always match the wine excursion with stops in significant places and panoramic points to discover the Sardinian landscape and culture.

Our tours are both for specialized wine and food lovers and connaisseurs as well for those who think that food and wine are an important part of the knowledge of a place!


We offer:

  • half day wine & food tours.

  • full day wine & food tours.

  • 2 or more days tours in Sardinia.


All our excursions are in a small comfortable minivan for a group of maximun 6 participants.

If you are a group of more than 6, or you wish a private driver, please, don't hesitate to contact us.


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